Photos of campers playing and fishing
Recreation - games to fishing - making new friends.
Photos of campers with petting zoo animals
Petting zoo - duck and rabbit
Campers making crafts
Arts and Crafts
Campers playing basketball in wheelchairs
Playing basketball
Campers panning for gold.
Looking for treasures.
Campers shooting arrows
Photo of camper on a horse.
Horseback riding.
Photo of campers enjoy canoeing.
Campers enjoy canoeing.
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LIFE— it stands for Leadership, Independence and Friends through Experiences, and it’s what embodies the spirit of Camp LIFE, a unique and inclusive camping adventure for children with disabilities and their siblings.

Held twice a year at the barrier free facilities of Camp For All in Burton, Texas, Camp LIFE provides recreation for children ages 5-21 with disabilities and their siblings while offering a weekend of respite for their parents.

Camp LIFE gives campers the choice to participate in every activity you would see at any other traditional camp. Campers can experience horseback riding, fishing, archery, the zip line and rope course activities, as well as a petting zoo, canoeing, dancing and even karaoke.

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